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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 2, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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the president. >> brian: not nearly as good. >> eric: make it rain. >> gretchen: let me give you a hug. >> brian: thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow. bill: thank you, guys. any moment now we'll get the latest information from the hurricane information center on what earl is going to do. a category 4. it strengthened. 145 miles per hour. it covers will the entire east coast already, half of it anyway. in the meantime, it's a big morning for economic news. we start with jobs. unemployment claims falling so slightly. unemployment claims falling to 472,000. that does not mean we are out of the clear. they came down that much. i'm bill hemmer.
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martha: good morning, bill hemmer. i'm martha maccallum. economists say we are still at a high level. the economy not quite back on its feet yet. bill: if we want any true relief the numbers need to be below the 100,000 mark. it seems like this is the same theme we have been seeing every thursday morning since i can remember. >> we are in the era of mass unemployment. there are 4.4 million people still receiving ongoing claims. 4.4 million. bill: it's a huge number.
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but does that compare to the early 90s, the early 80s? >> much more. if this pace, the pace we bring you every thursday morning, that pace continues it will be years before we drop below 8%. remember that is one in 12 unemployment. you are looking at relatively years of that high level. bill: you come on tv and tell us you don't want to be mr. doom and gloom, i'm throwing you a lifeline today. >> i'm actually optimistic about the economy going forward. you are going to have on your program, you are going to have a prediction the republicans win big in november. if that happens, you look forward to the state of the economy, you could see a return of some con if i den in the economy. you could see that. bill: because vote were would
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see washington slowing down? >> business will be able to say -- there will be no big spending programs. we'll get certainly on regulations and taxes. the $2 trillion held by big companies on the sidelines. if they return to con if i den the economy will expand, that money will come off the sidelines and go into the economy and we'll expand. i'm optimistic of a republican sweep. bill: i'm going to give you a gloom and doom in quotes today. i'll cut you a break. martha: i have some upbeat news for you. september started off pretty darn good. the dow joins industrial posting its biggest percentage point since early july. up 254 points. that's 2 1/2%. investors reacted very well to
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manufacturing numbers in china and here at home in the u.s. we are looking at a flat open in futures right now. we'll keep an eye on those. and the economy taking center stage in the first faceoff between california senate candidates barbara boxer and carly fiorina. there are the two women last night. they aggressively went after each other's records. they argued over how to best jumpstart the economy. they need to do that in california and across the country. anita vogel following this. how did it go last night? report * very interesting to watch. so many issues to discuss in california. the economy and jobs taking center stage. we continuously saw senator barbara boxer try to paint her opponent carly fiorina as the
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evil ceo with ties to wall street who spent her time slashing jobs. in return we saw fiorina tell us barbara boxer is nothing more than a tax and spend bitter partisan who spent a lot of time in washington with not a lot to show for it. >> if you look at senator boxers record you will see she is for more taxes, she is for more spending, she is for more regulations and she is also for big government and elite extreme environmental groups. people are going to decide if they want to have me back or elect someone who made her name as a ceo i in hewlett-packard laying workers off, shipping jobs overseas, taking $100 million. >> reporter: this is a tough
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race. check out the numbers from the latest rasmussen poll shows boxer leading fiorina by only 1 point. even the boxer people admit this is the toughest reef election race she has ever faced. martha: they don't come tougher than barbara boxer. she is an institution. we got a piece of it last night. before i let you go. what was the take away *? anybody seem some win this debate last night? >> reporter: it appeared to be a draw. ladies when well matched up. one of the things the fiorina camp said after the debate was that was their goal. for carly fiorina to stand next to barbara boxer, hold her own and look like a senator, they felt she was the winner. barbara boxer said this debate was a great opportunity for the people of california to hear
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carly fiorina's conservative views on the environment, abortion and she said she would be the better choice for california voters. martha: thank you very much. bill: from california. the candidates in arizona were clark over immigration. they also had a debate. governor jan brewer clashing with goddard over the immigration debate. brewer is accused of damaging arizona as portraying arizona as a dangerous place plagued by criminals pouring over the border. >> the government puts up signs 35 miles south of the capital danger proceed as your own risk. don't tell me people aren't afraid of the drug cartels.
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>> people aren't at fear in their own houses. >> why did you go to the border. you don't want to secure the border. bill: in a moment stung new numbers out of arizona that will show how big a majority of arizona voters support the current law. martha: governor tim pawlenty is ordering state agencies to reject discretionary funds from the federal healthcare law. last night he sat dune went on the record with greta. >> i and a lot of people have had it. the government is acting liking a financial drug dealer handing out free samples trying to get people further addicted. i have had it. we are not taking the pay the anymore. we are in the taking the free
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samples anymore. martha: we'll ask a legal expert to weigh in on that. bill: here comes earl. three states declaring a state of emergency as the eastern seaboard braces for a category 4 hurricane that strengthened overnight churning off the coast of cape hatteras and north carolina. the storm stretching all the way up to mention into the state of maine. north carolina's outer banks tourists are boarding up as they cut their vacations short this weekend. you don't take no chances. >> you never know what flying debris you are going to get. >> better safe than sorry for so many. johnson serrie is back on the beach. a beautiful morning so far. which is always the case. but new evacuation orders have
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been issued. who do they affect? >> reporter: they expanded the mandatory evacuation to include all visitors to dare county. that's the county kill devil hills is in. we heard from north carolina's governor. let's listen to her statement. >> we are ready. let me say that one more time. we are very ready, as ready as anybody can be. we feel comfortable this morning that we have in place the resources and the supplies and the capacity to do whatever it takes for north carolina and our citizens to be safe. >> reporter: coming back to our live shot in kill devil hills. you can see people enjoying what may be their last can't you to take a walk out on the beach. you can see the heavy surf
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continue to pick up. the waves will get even larger as the storm gets closer to shore. bill: what are they doing now at the moment to get ready? >> reporter: the people who are not evacuating, the ones who plan a hunker down, some of them are boarding up homes and businesses. but by and large most of them seem to be waiting to see the path of the storm. you can see these homes and cottages and hotels don't see any boards here. they are stock you have on supplies. if you go to local grocery stores you can see people shopping for water, food, picking up medical supplies. heeding the warning to get their kit together in case they have to go for a while without running water. bill: 12 hours from now it will be a different scene on that beach. be careful out there to you and your crew.
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to give you the idea of the size and scope of this storm. check out the image of earl taken by nasa. the picture taken earlier today as a powerful category 4 hurricane, the potential to cause a lot of damage once it reaches onshore. it covers half the eastern seaboard. 15 minutes from now we'll talk to the national hurricane center in miami and give you have the latest numbers on what they are telling us. martha: it's a clearly defined eye which is remarkable. hundreds of miles north, boaters on cape cod, massachusetts are take precautions. they are leaving nothing to chance as this cat 4 streams up the coast. >> get it on the ground and weather the storm. >> the hurricane comes up the coast, we try to be prudent to make sure the boat doesn't get
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damaged. martha: earl could pass near the cape tomorrow afternoon or sometime saturday in the middle of the night. >> in a moment we'll look into that crystal ball. larry sabato has been crunching the numbers. you will want to see what he has discovered about america. martha: a major protest in new york city. the muslim community coming out in full support for the proposed mosque in ground zero. hear what they are saying about the people who oppose this project. bill: new details about the suspect in the dramatic hostage situation at the discovery channel outside washington. we'll learn about his views and why he targeted that company. >> we was really scared,
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panicked and nervous. we heard he has explosive.. so we really was scared. [ female announcer ] staynce... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at
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bill: we found a report that says illegal immigration has dropped sharply in the u.s. over the past 2 1/2 years. why would that be? it's something the white house is touting as proof it's securing the borders. what do you make of this study? what's the reason as to why you have seen such a sharp decline the past 2 1/2 years? >> i think we need to dig down into the details of the foundation of the analysis they have done. i have not challenged some of the assumptions they based this on. but i believe it's the economic circumstances more than the
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enforcement. we see the department of homeland security has stopped deporting people here that are here illegally. the economic effect is there. the numbers are dramatic reductions in illegal border crossings. the department of homeland security has often put out data as the number of border interdictions as indications of the numbers crossing the border. when i go to the southern bored and look the border people in the eye and say your representatives testify -- bill: people in the u.s. were here illegally couldn't find a job so they went home. the 1-2 punch in your argument is if you secure the border you would see a sharp were drop.
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do you give any credit to the changes in the western u.s.? >> the publicity has helped. you can see about it cost of a coyote going from $700 to $3,000 or more. and i know that where the fences are, they do work. so it's gotten more difficult. but i do not believe there is even a culture that tells the people working there how they are going to achieve operational control of the border. the mission statement is on the wall in places like nogales. but it's not within the culture. it's catch, take them back to the border and let them go back to mexico. it's over and over again. we do not have a culture to gain operational control of the border. bill: we are looking through the lens of politics. america votes in 60 days. is this a regional issue or how do it reflect across the country
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in early november? >> every meeting i go to immigration comes up. across the country and in my district in see you what. it comes up everywhere i go from new hampshire to florida to california to the midwest. they want the rule of law enforced. they understand one of the essential pillars of american exceptionalism is the rule of laugh. them always oppose the idea of am necessary city. we are concerned about a lame duck amnesty. that's my concern now. martha: a hostage situation involving babies in a nursery. the motive that led to this horrific scene, we are learning more, folks. bill: i guess a hockey game broke out. this thing went on and on and
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>> we went to the windows to see. s.w.a.t. and everyone was pulling out guns drawn. so we knew something was going on. then we started getting emails telling us to get our stuff locked up into the closed offices up there to be safe. we went to the window. it was at that point we saw the police running up, cars pulling up, guns drawn, going to the lobbyist building. martha: those baby scenes in those cribs. it was a bizarre four-hour hostage situation that unfold at
9:25 am
the discovery building. james lee described as an environmental militant burst into the headquarters with an explosive zwies strapped to his body. who is this man? catherine herridge has more details on this. what are we hearing the hostages and what are we learning about lee? >> reporter: the situation at the discovery building where i was yesterday really could have been so much worse. what we know this morning is there were three hostages. they were all men. two her discovery channel employees, the third a security guard. one of the hostages is speaking this morning on his facebook page with a thank you to the montgomery county police department. it reads i want the thank the montgomery county police and all the agencies that respond today to help insure the safety all my
9:26 am
colleagues at discovery communications and helping to get me and my fellow whosages out safely. the hostages really remained very calm under very close quarters with the gunman and it was to their credit that they helped escape alive. martha: you watch all those people coming out and it could have been a lot worse. what's the status of this investigation? >> reporter: the building will open in about an hour's time. the company will address employees and everybody can go back inside to collect what they left behind. one of our producers on the scene was saying to me the back end of the building there is a parking garage, you can see almost every one's cars are left there from yesterday. that happened to be the exit route for the people in the building yesterday to escape
9:27 am
from james lee. what we also saw on the scene is the lobby. the lobby is clearly the heart of this investigation. there were photographers on the scene, people doing evidence collection, and picking up whats is a fairly complex scene. we know james lee had two weapons. he had a vestful of explosives, i believe was the first to report yesterday, then four items with him, two boxes and backpacks. i think we can conclude he went in there to die yesterday. martha: thank you so much. great coverage. bill: you can see the strollers and baby cribs. we have been handicapping the 2010 mid-terms for months and we'll not stop. 60 days out. the control of the house and senate at stake. we have brand-new numbers that will get a lot of attention
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march here are the top stories we're watching for you at this hour, take a look at the big board, up about seven points now, investors reacting to new economic numbers out this morning, jobless numbers, retail and productivity, pretty flat, the dow, yesterday, made a huge gain, the biggest one since july, aand secretary of defense in afghanistan, he'll be meeting with president karzai and david petraeus, also paying a tribute to the troops while he's there. bill: big story now and earl, fox news alert, an intense category four, overnight it intensified as earl heads closer to the east coast. folks in parts of north carolina, told to get out. tropical storm warnings in effect from delaware all the twi new york, massachusetts and maine, where the storm could hit by saturday. that's a look at thursday, later tonight, then friday, up the northeastern seaboard by late friday night you see that massive storm system
9:33 am
literally move out to sea. it's going to be on a bee line later tonight and that might be the best news possible for folks here in the northeast. bill reeves, director and spokesman for the national hurricane center in miami, back with us again today, good morning, bill, what are you seeing, my friend? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill. yes, thaefrg we were talking about yesterday is still in the same path as far as our forecast is concerned. it did intensify somewhat overnight and is a very powerful category four hurricane, as we speak. it's still moving slightly to the west of due north, so it's a threat to cape hattaras and the outer banks, it's very real, i would not downplay the potential threat for new england, either. just the slightest deviation to the left would bring the hurricane-force conditions across southeastern massachusetts, cape cod, and the islands.
9:34 am
so we're still in a threat zone for there, albeit it will be moving fast. bill: did you expect it to strengthen overnight, back to a category four? and how has that changed the scenario as you look at it this morning? >> reporter: well, 15 or 20 miles an hour, at those high speeds, are within the scope of the forecast still, anyway, and as far as preparation, it doesn't change a thing, it just indicates that there are very good conditions for the intensification of the storm, very warm weather. some of the dry air that was near there obviously did not get ingested in the system or it wouldn't have intensified like that. bill: bill, thanks again, okay? bill reeves at the national hurricane center, appreciate you coming on today, to our folks at home, earl is already kicking up waves and surf in some areas and it will intensify, as it continues to grow closer to land. if you have pictures out there, send them our way at you report at that's our website.
9:35 am
we'll have a look at them and air some of them or post them online as well. give us your name, maybe your location, what you're seeing out there and stay safe, because this could be a doozy, earl, category four at the moment. martha: on fox news, the balance of power in congress may shift as we all know in the next 60 days as we head into that election and the latest predictions that we're seeing from larry sabato's crystal bal are showing gains by republicans in both houses, in fact, the gop, according to these projections, expected to pick up about 47 out of the 435 seats in the house of representatives which would of course give them control of that chamber. it would take 39 to get control. let's go to the senate side and take a look at that, senate is on the bubble, republicans expected by these projections to win 8-10 senate seats, of course, 60 days out, anything can happen. is lot can happen in politics in 60 days. larry sabato says that political observers often go
9:36 am
with their gut when it comes to forecasters but feelings make good songs and lousy predictions! and that is why we have the man himself with us this morning, larry sabato is the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia and we know that you don't go with your feelings, you've been doing a lot of home work on all of this, larry, and we're glad to have you with us this morning, welcome. >> thank you martha. i also can't sing, so that's another reason. martha: we're told to rely on the numbers, right? i hear you there. i hear you there. all right, let's talk about this. we've seen a change, an uptick in the numbers of republican seats that you see getting picked up here, house, senate, and also, on the governor level. what do you think has changed since that election? >> fundamentally it's the economy but a lot of other things. obviously it happened over the summer. this summer has been a disaster for democrats, almost everything has gone wrong for them, the bottom has fallen out, you stressed senate and house. i think the most significant
9:37 am
returns are actually at the gubernatorial level, the state legislative level. i hope people will go, by the way, to center for and click on the crystal ball and read the full report because they'll see every race called, some of them were still tossup, but look at the governors, plus eight at least for the republicans, among the 37 races up. and state legislative races, we think the republicans will gain 300-500 seats. this puts them in a great position for redistricting in 2011. martha: wow. yeah, we go to new vermont and virginia, we say -- tony jersey and virginia, we may see a haeupbger of what's to come. let's look at boxer-fiorina, a piece we did a while ago. how is this looking to you? >> martha, what does it tell you that the senate race in california with a republican running against an incumbent democrat who's won easily
9:38 am
since the early '90s is a tossup? what does that tell you about the electrical of 2010? it tells you that it's a republican wave. martha: you know, i want to -- i agree with you, you know, just look at this, it's amazing to see barbara boxer in as vulner position as she is and as we continue to point out, a lot can happen in 60 days, but this has been made clear in your report. take a look at florida. this one is going to be interesting. many folks see this -- crist is running as an independent, rubio in many ways represents the strength of this tea party movement that we've seen across the country, people being fed up with taxes. how do you think this one shakes out? >> martha, if you were to put a gun to my head and i really won't you -- hope you won't do that martha: i won't do that. >> i know you won't but if you put a gun to my head i would say rubio would win in the end. the reason we don't call it yet is we know what we don't know and here's what we
9:39 am
don't know. meek, the democrat, who's going to finish third, the question is, will his vote collapse in mid to late october and move to crist. some democrats are going to try to make that happen, and that's really the only way crist can win, by combining his independent vote with the meek democratic vote. martha: here's something i didn't know that i read in your report today. maybe we can pull up this quote from your report that has to do with the house and senate. every time, there have been six slips -- flips, you point out, in party to party, in control of congress, six times since world war ii, and every time that has happened, the senate has also gone, and in many cases it wasn't predicted. >> that's absolutely correct. and i'm glad you said in most of those cases, if you look at the preelection commentary, even when people were saying the house would flip, they said the senate would stay with the incumbent party and they were wrong. so six out of six, since word war -- world war ii,
9:40 am
what does that suggest for november? is it an iron law politics, no, maybe it won't happen this time but it's happened six out of six times. martha: and a lot of folks are saying, you know, these projections that we're seeing may be overestimateing it and that if republicans don't bring in the number of seats, that it looks like they may, it will be interpreted as a failure on their part. what's the variable that exists out there in the next 60 days for you, larry? >> one thing that i remember, you know, i love history, i'm a political scientist but i love history, remember the cuban missile crisis in october 1962, by accident, it was timed right before the mid-term elections? it changed what would have been a slightly republican mid-term election into a democratic mid-term election. you never know what's going to happen in october. that's why we talk about october surprises. martha: october surprise, exactly. larry, it's great having you with us this morning. fascinating report today. i urge everybody to go to your website and check it
9:41 am
out because there's a lot of good stuff in there. thank you larry, see you soon. >> thanks martha. martha: we want to know what you think about this and we're getting a lot from you, what issues are you most concerned with in these upcoming elections. go to"america's newsroom" and vote, you can choose jobs, decifit, health care, which we've done a lot about that this week, what a big role that may play in all of this, and taxes, of course, is a huge issue for everybody right now. results, a little bit later in the show. and i'm looking forward to seeing what wins in that, because they're all really important topics, and everybody is fired up about them. bill: the cuban missile crisis, something you don't remember, you don't think about it in the mix. there's a cuban missile in cincinnati, today. it's is on -- it's 103 miles an hour. wait until you hear this guy! speaking of baseball, they were going at it last night. i mean, have you seen this? i mean, baseball has not been very, very good -- has been very, very good to the following guys, the florida marlins taking on the nationals last night. you will see the pitch in a moment here, from the mound,
9:42 am
go behind the batter, and that young man took exception. roll it. >> behind him, he's charging the mound? morgan is coming after him. oh, goodness, morgan at the bottom of the pile. bill: i hate when that happens! actually, i kind of like it. that's why we show up. martha: i love that he throws down his glove really quick. watch t. bam, down goes the glove! bill both teams meet again in two weeks in must-see tv, the batter and the pitcher, ejected from that game last night. martha: as we were talking about, throwing down the gauntlet over health care, minnesota, the latest state to challenge the sweeping national overhaul, this one is heating up, folks. you're going to see a lot of fighting back on health care reform. what is that going to mean for us? we'll talk about that. bill: also watch here, that's what happens when you fall asleep at the wheel! martha: oh, my god. bill: that's next.
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bill: now we find out if minnesota is the latest state to challenge the -- challenge the health care overhaul out of washington, governor tim palenty saying he doesn't want to take a dime from the federal government. here he is with greta. >> the way to make health care affordable is not to drag it into washington d.c., create a one size fits all democratic bureaucracy, it's to use market forces. bill: minnesota is one of a long list of states getting ready to challenge that law in court, and joanne secula wants to know if they've got a shot at it. good morning, joe, good morning to you. is palenty on to something? can they give the federal government the heisman and win? >> he did something interesting. because he's got a democratic attorney general in minnesota and there's a lot of liberal necessary minnesota, governor palenty is an outspoken critic of health care and obamacare and said i'm issuing an executive order saying we're
9:47 am
not taking any more government money in health care and especially with the medicaid increases that the government is trying to offer to states voluntarily under the new health care law, the 2010 law. bill: on the surface i agree with you jordan. that's what he's trying to do, right? but it also says in minnesota, unless otherwise required by law, or approved by the governor's office, it smells to me like there's wiggle room there, is there? >> he went as far as he could as governor without having the attorney general's backing, and i think that's a great model for other governors who may face similar situations. look, every attorney general from all the states is not going to challenge this law. there's a lot of democrat a.g.s out there. because of that, it's good that people like governor palenty will take an executive stand to the order, doing everything they can. we saw what happened in pennsylvania where the federal government with our taxpayer dollars are paying for abortion for low income household necessary pennsylvania after secretary sebelius told us don't worry, we're not going to be paying for abortions with tox pair -- taxpayer dollars, it's not true, governor palenty is doing
9:48 am
what he can and we filed in virginia, we filed for five individuals in d.c., we're about to file in florida, we represent people, we represent 31 members of congress and governor palenty going out there and doing this is taking a stand. bill: a lot of this has to do with money. bya, because you asked, we get the following out of california, she says and wonders does it cost states more than they receive from federal grants once they add people to medicaid rolls? now, that's a financial question about whether or not federal law is forcing states to spend more money than they want to. part of -- >> part of this plan causes states to pay more. states and the federal government pay into medicare and medicaid. and what many analyses have come out and said is under this law, which is not budget dollars correctly for many of the conservative view points, and even some nonpartisan views, that states are going to have to pay more into medicare, more into medicaid. an example is remember the corn husky kickback idea that got kicked out, what was that about?
9:49 am
it was about paying for the increase in medicare and medicaid for the state of nebraska because health care forced that increase. there was your exact -- that's the evidence right there from the democrats who are trying to put together that deal to get nelson. this does increase money for states, it costs states minister money. bill: here's what our research tells us. as of today there's no change to the states because the law has not fully gone into effect but the future is something they're wondering about and i think that goes point you're making. jordan, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. bill: go to "america's newsroom" on our website, fox"america's newsroom". click -- click on the bya box and leave your mess, shoot me an e-mail or twitter, bill hemmer, one line, and for martha, out of new jersey -- >> martha: martha out of thank you jersey! we have information about the i ph-fpt am about the proposed mosque by ground zero and it raises questions about a church tax exemption on his home, perhaps, on an
9:50 am
apartment. we're going to explain what they're looking into now. bill: she's got issues, she and paris hilton, banned from the party scene. wait until you hear why two popular resorts say stay away from here.
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9:53 am
will bill -- bill: so the socialite pairs hilton, not so social after all, it turns out the party life has been cut short in vegas, two popular places say paris, stay away. the wynn resorts says he's banned after last week's arrest, hilton was taken into custody after police smelled marijuana coming from the car her boyfriend was apparently driving, they found cocaine in the purse. hilton said the purse wasn't hers. martha: then there's that! on to more serious subjects now, israel's prime minister, the president of the palestinian authority, go face to face today,
9:54 am
direct peace talks between israelis and palestinians getting underway in washington. secretary of state hillary clinton hosting the meeting at the state department, president obama urging both sides to come up with a peaceful solution to the long, long running middle east conflict. can we make any progress in that regard? major garrett joins us live from the state department. hello to you major. >> reporter: good morning, martha. the bar is set very high. one year for the two sides to deal with all the issues that have bee deviled israelies and palestinians for decades and decades and the risks are high. if there's failure as there was under george w. bush and president clinton and what ensued in the region afterwards was intense violence. nobody wants to get that violence started up again, and these talks were threatened yesterday, at least for a moment, by hamas-led violence in the west bank city, or near the west bank city of hebron where four israeli civilians, one of them, a pregnant woman, was killed. there was another hamas attack yesterday that left
9:55 am
four israelis wounded, yet the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu says he will not be de terred, that violence will not deter them from peace. mcadabbas of the palestinian authority, it's quite clear the palestinian authority is quite politically and from a security vantage point estranged from hamas, they are rivals within the palestinian camp itself, that makes the talks difficult to work out because whatever deal mahmoud abbas strikes with benjamin netanyahu, he's got to wonder what hamas will do in response, so you have that factor playing a role here as well, even though hamas will have no formal role whatsoever in the talks, the palestinian leadership has to understand or give some sense of what the hamas factions will do if they do strike a deal with the israelis. as far as the israelis' perspective, the shooting, the violence reenergizes their pursuit of security for their interests and the palestinians have a great deal of other interests they want to pursue with the israelis. a lot to talk about. three hours of direct talks scheduled today, then we'll
9:56 am
see what follows after that. martha: all right. major, talk about someone who sets the bar high, major garrett has set that bar high, every day, in his stellar reporting at fox news. we're going to miss you so much, we thank you for everything you do. bill o'reilly called awe patriot last night. how about that? that's a pretty good sendoff. >> that's a nice sendoff. we've got one more day, let's focus on the news and let's see where we go tomorrow. martha: thank you, see you soon. bill: from the middle east, things have changed in the middle east. how many times have we been in this spot before and will something be different? martha: every president in our lifetime has gone down this road unfortunately with little success. bill: major is a patriot. martha: major is a patriot! bill: folks, a prescription for the ailing economy from outgoing economic adviser cristina romer. is she right? martha: we'll get staoebs forbes' take on that.
9:57 am
how about this? earl, barreling towards millions who live on the east coast. lots of places need to be concerned about this. we'll give you the latest update and the latest track, coming up next. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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lets you climb in to more freshness for 7 days than this other fabric softener after 2 days. so why settle? get more. feel more. martha: a hurricane that is gaining strength right now, folks off the coast of the carolinas, it is earl, and, as you probably know by now and is a full lone category-4, only five categories, in the game and it is 145 miles per hour, right now, nearly the same speed as an ef-3 tornado and they are trying to get a sense of that and the last category-4 storm to hit north carolina was 56 years ago. so it's been quite some time since we dealt with this, how he start a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." martha: i'm martha maccallum. bill: calm before the storm, i'm bill hemmer, residents and first responders not messing around. earl, spinning and -- only 400 miles off the shores of the outer banks and does not have to
10:01 am
land a direct hit to do major, major damage. martha: even spinoffs, from something like this can be 50, 60 mile-an-hour winds, inland, and we're all over this story today, for good reason and sherry lee joins us on the beach in ocean city, maryland and first, the raw data on this from janice dean live in the fox weather center. what is the latest track. >> a new track comes out at 11:00 and i'm glad we are not showing surfers in the water. i spoke to somebody, and it took boogie boarders five minutes to realize nobody should be in the water, martha. it is too dangerous and the best surfers, hawaiian surfers should not be out there. but, i want to pointed out, earl, fiona and gascon, and gascon could be the next hurricane by the weekend and possibly affecting the caribbean and there is earl, 145 mile per hour sustained winds, north-northwest, 18 miles per hour and around 350 miles, away from cape hatteras and we have hurricane advisors, watches and
10:02 am
warnings for the mid-atlantic, towards delaware and massachusetts, and, hurricane warnings will probably be posted overnight tonight and' wier we there is a goodchance, they uld take a direct hit and we'll bring you the latest as we get it. each hour is crucial in determining where the storm is going and there is cape hatteras, category-4 now, and here's the forecast: overnight tonight, still a category-4 storm, this storm could actually go on top of hatteras or just brush hatteras, with -- any way you look at it, hurricane-force winds and storm surge and torrential downpours and beach erosion, power outages from the storm, as we head into friday, coming very close to long island, friday night, will be over or close to the island as a category-2 storm and boston you could still feel tropical storm-forces winds and we talked about it yesterday and tropical
10:03 am
storm-force winds can knock power out and you could be without power days, maybe weeks, depending how close the storm comes, and, martha and bill, we have talked about it, all it takes is a little jog to the west, 100 miles, and, it changes from a dangerous storm, to a potentially life-threatening events. and, i cannot stress enough, you need to be prepared, i know, bill you talked about waters and how warm they are and in some case, really way above average, across the atlantic, as we get closer to cape hatteras, still at 83, around 80 degrees, the threshold for maintaining a hurricane, and, as we get closer to the northeast coast, those temperatures drop off and because the storm will be moving quickly, the waters, not going to really make a difference, we are still going to have a hurricane on our hands, and hurricane, tropical storm force models, this is what makes the cone of uncertainty, and, from yesterday, these models are bushing a little bit more towards the left, you can -- the west, you can see hatteras and
10:04 am
cape cod as well, and a few days ago, it was a little bit more to the east, and the models are now suggesting it could come closer to shore, if you live anywhere from the coastal carolinas, up towards the coastal maine area, you need to know what you will be doing and you could be without power, and that is in itself, could be a big disruption, for millions of people. martha: we'll be glued to the tv, watching this thing and getting all of the updates and figuring out who needs to be really concerned, that it may be coming their way, janice, thank you so much. >> all righty. bill: and, the light blue line on this far right there... i hope that is the correct projection. martha: me, too x whoever you are, we like you, and the best case scenario, we hope it goes out to sea, bill. i hope i'm wrong and everybody is wrong. bill: we'll look at the wobble right now, and ocean city maryland, right now, they are getting ready and not taking chances, sherry lee is working there, and sherry you are on the beach. how are things? what are you hearing from
10:05 am
people, getting ready tor earl? -- for earl? >> reporter: well, we are in a hurricane watch here, and a tropical storm warning, so this area is definitely going to get pounded by heavy surf and high winds, and, i tell you, nerves are on edge, here, as people watch the wobble that you were talking about. and any change in course to make a huge difference, here in ocean city and look at what we are seeing on the beaches. people are coming out here, a sunny day and, boy, look at those waves, they are coming in, 6, 8 feet, expected to be 12 to 15 feet, here today, they have had restrictions on people going into the water, and no more than need be, and lifeguards are out here and we had an incredible problem with rip currents in this area. though earl earl is expected to pass 125, 150 miles off the coast here, we are looking at sustained winds, 30, 40 miles per hour, gusts to 50, to 55 miles per hour. and, they are telling people who
10:06 am
are coming into town, here, they have to keep an eye on the forecast. they are asking people, they are expecting about a quarter million people, to come down here, for the labor day weekend. and, they are asking them not to come down here, until this storm passes over, and they are expecting that to happen, sometime tomorrow afternoon. that's the latest in ocean city. bill: appreciate that, sherry lee reporting out there. some of our most dramatic pictures, they come from you, frankly, and, keep the cameras rolling and send us your pictures and your video and get your name on television. and, without risking your life. do not put yourself in danger. if you have pictures or video, send it to ureport@fox and follow the instruction and if and when we can we'll put your pictures on the air. martha: back to the economy now for a moment. new weekly unemployment numbers came out today and fell slightly, down to 472 from the week before, down 6,000 in those claims and even with the decline economists say the numbers
10:07 am
reflect a shaky economy and you need to get it down to the 400,000 area to make progress in the situation and molly henneberg is looking at this from the white house. and, what do the numbers show? what do you think about this. >> reporter: those unemployment numbers you showed, those are new claims, they declined 6,000, as you said and some economists suggest the pace of layoffs is easing a little bit and as you say, in a healthy economy, the overall unemployment claims, you want to see those under 400,000, and, so still a little bit of work to go and other numbers, productivity fell in the april-to-june quarter, 1.8%, the largest drop in nearly 4 years. and also, labor costs rose 1.1%, the biggest rise in lane costs since late '08. and president obama obviously, the economy is weighing heavily on him and his administration and he said in the oval office address, tuesday night, it was on iraq and he spoke about the economy and said, quote, our most urgent task is to restore our economy and put the millions
10:08 am
of americans who have lost their jobs, back to work. martha? martha: this federal reserve board chairman, ben bernanke, we talked about him, he is testifying about the economic crisis, and what is he saying? >> reporter: he's testifying before the financial crisis inquiry commission, that is a commission that was signed into law by president obama, in may, 2009, and, figure out how the financial happened and what prompted it and how the government reaction helped or hurt it, and that is what the fed chair is talking about today and is talking specifically about the massive banks and threatening institutions and what the government should or shouldn't have done to help. here's more from him. >> it is critical the too big to fail problem be solved and an important component of the solution kwanned in the recent financial reform bill is to develop a framework to allow the government to resolve a failing systemically important, nonbank financial firm in an orderly way while imposing appropriate losses and creditors and protecting taxpayers and limiting risks to the broader
10:09 am
financial system. >> reporter: he's arguing during the crisis the government could only focus on individual institutions, and couldn't focus on the whole and said that was part of the problem in his opinion. martha? martha: molly, thank you so much. molly henneberg outside the white house. waiting... bill: wait for it, wait for... a flood of new numbers coming into the newsroom, the commerce department reporting factory orders edged up .1% in july. that is barely anything. the first increase after two months of declines. .1%. martha: that is something. bill: and buyers, contracts to purchase previously occupied homes increased july, 5.2% from a month earlier. that is a bit better, right and lastly from freddie mac the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage dropping to 4.32%, the lowest rate in decades. that might be the lowest rate ever. if you are buying, now is the
10:10 am
time. 10 minutes past the hour. martha: the white house's outs going chief economist raising eyebrows, with her going-away message. speaking to the national press club, christina romer called for more spending, and, then also called for lower taxes. not sure how you do that, in other words, another round of stimulus, to boost the struggling economy. and listen to this: >> the only surefire ways for policymakers to substantial increase aggregate demand in the short run is for the governments to spend more and tax less and in my view we should be moving forwards on both fronts. martha: a lot of questions about how you do that. we'll talk with steve forbes and ask him about what his takeaway was from what she said in her departing address there. on the economy. bill: that is interesting and, get your tax refund back on plastic, the idea behind a new pilot program from the treasury department, starting next year they'll issue debit cards to give people without bank accounts faster access to their refunds and the program will be
10:11 am
offered to several hundred thousand americans and the program could be implemented for the 9 million u.s. households who do not have a bank accounts. martha: a show of support for the building of a islamic mosque and culture center planned for near ground zero and muslims from new york rallied on the stems of city hall and called for an end to the religious intolerance and protesting what they call an anti-islamic climate. listen to this. >> we are american people and we are american people, millions of whom are muslim... >> i think any politician that takes advantage of this problem that people may have of convenience or lack of it, should be ashamed and i stand with the mayor and the governor in saying that this is not a problem for muslims, it is a problem for america and doing the right thing and respecting our constitutions. >> the bigger issues in the
10:12 am
mainstream powerful, political and religious leaders, fanning the flames of this hatred, unfortunately. martha: as you know, opposition to the mosque is equally strong. late last month, opponents held their own rally, protesting its location and the debate goes on and on. bill: and the issues that counts on the road to the mid interpreters, we asked you last hour which issues are most important to you and in a moment which party is gaining in the polls on those very issues. we'll tell you. martha: interesting numbers and we'll show it to you and a bone-crushing motorcycle crash caught on tape. oh, boy. the fallout is crucial, for a football game, this weekend, folks. bill: and dicaprio and kate winslett wish they got this close to the titanic, a new journey to the most famous shipwreck, ever, stick around, you'll see it, on video. ♪ ♪ well-being.
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10:16 am
martha: economic numbers came out this morning and christina romer out going top level economic advisor to the president made interesting comments on that and we wanted to talk to that with steve forbes, author of "how capitalism will save us" and editor-in-chief of "forbes" magazine and former presidential candidate, always good to talk to you. >> thank you. martha: and we watched her speaking about the economy yesterday and she is leaving her post as one of the top advisors to the president. and, she suggested that, what needed to be done was more government spending to be sure, she said and also, lower taxes, and, that is a tough trick to pull off. >> like medieval scientist still proclaiming the sun revolves
10:17 am
around the earth and, where will they get the money, from us, either print the money, taxat n taxation, stacks it direct or borrow it and in terms of tax cuts, that is good, a wish they'd realize, keep all the bush tax cuts and don't try and play politics with them. martha: that is what i wanted to talk to you about and you established her first prescription is undoable, you can't cut taxes and continue to throw massive amounts of money into the economy to boost it up and the other side of this is, was there a political reason, do you think she is putting message out there, about lower taxes, are they warming up, after the last week and you said there is no way he'll do it, do you sense a change in the wind. >> political people know, forget about george bush, we have to get prepared for 2012. we'll take a hit in 2010 if the economy is better we have a chance to get four more years of this and with the president, i
10:18 am
think what they will go to him, and say, is that even vladimir lenin of the soviet union put in for a brief period, free enterprise policies to make sure the government stayed in place. martha: which kills me, there is an acknowledgment that it works, the momentary acknowledgment, we'll cut taxes, from folks who say that that is not the way that is precisely the antithesis of the way to turn things around. doesn't make any sense. >> no, but the prospect, of an election defeat gets minds doing things they never anticipated before. martha: if you had to bet, right now, and were reading the political winds out there, would you say they are only going to leave those bush tax cuts in place for people under 200 and $250,000, or, do you think they'll go for the full kahuna, everybody gets to keep the tax cuts for one year. >> what the president might end up doing, is, instead of one year, put it to, say, january 2013. that way, if he's reelected he can say, bye-bye tax cuts, i'm
10:19 am
in for four years, regardless and if a republican is in there, why -- >> you think he might do it anyway and leave them in place. >> though it goes against every grain in his body he might do it to convince the election. martha: i think, steve forbes... >> we're genius. martha: thanks, and see you next week, steve forbes, fascinating talk -- bill: she's been working on me for months. >> work on the president. get help going on it. bill: 19 minutes past the hour, the president will bring our aging medical records into the 21st century, but it could cost billions of dollars and it is worth it or a waste of money? in a moment, we report, you decide. you can make the call. martha: that is not a garage, folks. and that store was not remodeling, they are now, incredible surveillance video of an suv, that turned this mini-martin to a drive through. wait until you see what
10:20 am
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martha: "fox news alert," relaunching peace talks in the nation ae's capitol, hillary clinton, speaking alongside benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas, and direct negotiations, trying to get underway, let's listen in. >>... and the terrorist shooting yesterday are yet additional reminders of the human cost of this conflict. but, by being here today, you each have taken an important step towards freeing your people from the shackles of a history we cannot change.
10:24 am
and, moving toward a future of peace, and dignity that only you can create. so, thank you. thank you for your courage, and your commitment. i also want to recognize the support of egypt and jordan, which have long been crucial partners for peace. and, we appreciate the support of the arab league for the vision of a comprehensive peace embodied in these talks. i also wish to thank former prime minister tony blair, the special representative of the quartet, for his leadership and efforts. mr. blair's work in support of the institutional and economic development of the palestinian people is critical to the success of these peace efforts. as we have said all along,
10:25 am
progress on this track must go hand-in-hand with progress in negotiations. and let me also, as represented by this overwhelming turnout of representatives from across the world, express our gratitude to many friends and allies who have worked so hard for progress toward our shared goals. to those who criticize this process, we stand on the sidelines and say, no. i ask you to join us in this effort. as president obama said yesterday, we hear often from those voices in the region who insist that this is a top priority and, yet, do very little to support the work that would actually bring about a palestinian state.
10:26 am
now is the opportunity to start contributing to progress. for our part, the united states has pledged its full support for these talks, and we will be an active and sustained partner. we believe, prime minister and president, that you can succeed and we understand that this is in the national security interest of the united states that you do so. but, we cannot and we will not impose a solution. only you can make the decisions necessary to reach an agreement and secure a peaceful future for the israeli and palestinian people. now, for many of us, in this room, this is not the first trip to the negotiating table. i look around and i see veterans
10:27 am
from all three of us. we have been here before, and we know how difficult the road ahead will be. there undoubtedly will be obstacles and setbacks. those who oppose the cause of peace will try in every way possible to sabotage this process. as we have already seen this week. but, those of you here today, especially the veterans who are here today, you have returned because you have seen the cost of continued conflict. you know that your people deserve the benefits of peace. the core issues at the center of these negotiations, territories, security, jerusalem, refugee, settlements and others, will get no easier if we wait. nor will they resolve
10:28 am
themselves. success will take patience, persistence and leadership. the true test of these negotiations will not be their first day and it will not be their last day, it will be all of those long days, in the middle, with a -- when the path towards peace seems hidden and the enemies of peace work to keep it obscured. but, we are convinced that if you move forward, in good faith, and do not waiver in your commitment to succeed on behalf of your people, we can resolve all of the core issues within one year. you have taken the first step, you have both embraced the idea of a two-state solution, which is the only path toward a just, lasting peace, that ensures security and dignity for both israelis and palestinians.
10:29 am
i fervently believe that the two men sitting on either side of me, that you are the leaders. who can make this long cherished dream a reality. and, we will do everything possible to help you. this is a time for both leadership and a time for you...s you hayou... you have the courage to make difficult conditions and mr. prime minister and mr. president you have the opportunities to en the decades of enmity between your people once and for all and i want to concluded by saying a few words directly to the people of the region. your leaders may be sitting at the negotiating table, but, you are the ones who will ultimately decide the future.
10:30 am
you hold the future of your families, your communities, your people, this region in your hands. for the efforts here to succeed, we need your support, and your patience. today, as ever, people have to rally the cause of peace and peace needs champions on every street corner, and around every kitchen table. i understand very well the disappointment of the past. i share them. but i also know we have it within our power today to move forward into a different kind of future and we cannot do this without you. so, now, let me turn to the
10:31 am
prime minister, who will make his remarks followed by the president. >> thank you, madame secretary. i want to thank you and president obama for the many efforts that you have invested to bring this to this moment. my friend, senator mitchell, thank you for your consistent effort, for you and your staff efforts to bring a lasting and durable peace to our region. president abbas, as i said yesterday, in our meeting at the white house, where the president
10:32 am
of the united states, the president of egypt, and the king of jordan, i see in you a partner for peace. together, we can lead our people to an historic future that can put an end to claims and to conflicts. now, this will not be easy. a true peace, a lasting peace, would be achieved only with mutual and painful concessions from both sides. on the israeli side, on the palestinian side. from my side, and from your side.
10:33 am
but the people of israel and i as their prime minister are prepared to walk this road and to go a long way, a long way in a short time, to achieve a genuine peace that will bring our people security, prosperity, and good neighbors. good neighbors. to shape a different reality between us. that is going to involve serious negotiations, because, there are many issues in contentious and the core issues that you outlined, madame secretary, are things that we have disagreements on, but we have to get from disagreement to agreement. a big task. now, three years ago -- rather, a year ago, in the
10:34 am
speech i gave in a university in israel i tried to outline the two pillars of peace that i think will enable us to resolve all of the outstanding issues. and these are legitimacy and security. just as the -- you expect us to be ready to recognize the palestinian state as the nation state of the palestinian people, we expect you to be prepared to recognize israel as the nation state of the jewish people. there are more than a million nonjews living in israel, the nation state of the jewish people, who have full civil rights.
10:35 am
there is no contradiction between a nation state that guarantees the national rights of the majority and guaranteeing the civil rights, the full equality of the minority. i think this mutual recognition between us is indispensable to clarifying to our two people, our two people, that the conflict between us is over. i said, too, yesterday that a real peace must take into account the genuine security needs of israel. that have changed -- have changed since i last year spoke about the veterans who are gathered here, at this table, and they have been here before, we fashioned a hebron agreement,
10:36 am
and this was 12 years ago. and in these 12 years, new forces have risen in our region, and we have had the rise of iran and its proxies and the rise of missile warfare, and so, a peace agreement must take into account security arrangements against these real threats that have been directed against my country, threats thahave been realized, the 12,000 rockets that have been fired on our territory and terrorist attacks that go unabated. president abbas, i'm fully aware that -- and i respect your people's desire for sovereignty. i'm convinced that it is possible to reconcile that desire with israel's need for security.
10:37 am
we anticipate difficult days before we achieve a much desired peace. the last two days have been difficult. they were exceedingly difficult for my people, and for me. blood has been shed. the blood of innocents. four innocent israelis gunned down, brutally. two people wounded. seven new orphans, president abbas, you condemned this killing and that is important and no less important is to find the killers. and, equally, to make sure that we can stop other killers.
10:38 am
they seek to kill our people, kill our state, kill our peace. and, so, achieving security is a must. security is the foundation of peace. without it, peace will unravel, with it, peace can be stable. and endured. president abbas, history has given us a rare opportunity to end the conflict between our peoples, a conflict that has been lasting for almost a century. it's an unprecedented opportunity to end the conflict. while there were examples in history, but not many. but we face such a test.
10:39 am
to end the bloodshed, and to secure a future of promise and hope for our children and grandchildren. and in the first book of the bible, the book of genesis, there is a story of how two brothers in conflict, brothers, isaac and ishmael, joined together to bury their father, abraham. our father. the father of our two people. isaac, the father of the hebrew nation, and ishmael, the father of the arab nation. joined together in a moment of pain and mutual respect to bury abraham in hebron.
10:40 am
i can only pray and i know that millions around the world, millions of israelis, and millions of palestinians, and many other millions around the world, pray that the pain that we have experienced, you and us, in the last hundred years of conflict, will unite us not only in a moment of peace, around the table of peace, here in washington, but, will enable us to leave from here and to forge a durable, lasting peace for generationses. -- generations. shalom, salaam, peace.
10:41 am
>>... >> translator: in the name of god, secretary of state clinton, prime minister netanyahu. ladies and gentlemen, let me in the first place once again extend my thanks to president barack obama and to senator george mitchell and, too, for the unrelenting efforts they exerted during the last months... during the
10:42 am
negotiations of the [inaudible] plo and the israeli government, ladies and gentlemen, inaudib [inaudible]. and the negotiation that should be lead to an... [inaudible] the peace, of the [inaudible] between our two people. as well as... [inaudible] is the road is clear in fronts of us. and, in order to... [inaudible]
10:43 am
the quartet and the positions of the european union, of the... [inaudible]. for us, represent international unanimity, and the references... the goals of the negotiations. ladies and gentlemen, also, we've not started from scratch. because we had many... (inaudible) between the plo and the israeli government. and, [inaudible] and we also defined and determined... [inaudible]. we would work on all of the issues, about the settlements and the borders, security,
10:44 am
water... and also releasing the detainees. in order to end the occupation that started in 1967, the obligation of the... (inaudible) and in order to create the state of palestine... [inaudible]. in order to end the conflict and the... [inaudible]. peace and security for the two people and all the peoples of the region. once again, we wants to state our commitment to follow on all of our engagement including security, and ending incitement and we call on the israeli government to move forward, with its commitment to end all settlement activities and completely lift the embargo over the gaza strip. and, all form of incitement. also, with respect to security, ladies and gentlemen, you should
10:45 am
know, that we have security apparatus that are still being built that are still young, but, that are doing everything that is expected from them. yesterday, we condemned the operations that were carried. we did not only condemn them, but we also followed the perpetrators, and we were able to find the car that was used and to arrest the -- those who sought and bought the car and we will continue all our efforts to take security measures in order to find the perpetrators. we consider that security of -- is vital for both of us. and, to -- we cannot allow for anyone to do anything that would undermine your security and our secures.
10:46 am
and, the which we keep on working seriously, security is fundamental and sensitive. ladies and gentlemen, once again, i want to state today, what i said at the white house meeting yesterday. in front of president obama, president mubarak and king abdullah and we do believe that their participation was of essence and was strong and represented the belief of jordan and egypt, in peace. these two states, alongside with other arab states do believe that peace is a vital interest, not only for the palestinians and the israelis, but, also, for all of the people in the region. and, for the united states. as president obama said, when he
10:47 am
said that the creation of a palestinian state, or the two-state vision is vital -- a vital national american interest. the plo participates in these negotiations with good intentions and seriousness and is adamant about bringing just peace that guarantees freedom and independence for the palestinian people, who is attached to his land and his rights. the fair solution of the refugees, according to national resolutions, we are attached to the international resolutions, we do not want anything above and do not want anything under, and we want an era in our region that brings peace, justice, securities and prosperity for all and let me say here that in 1993, on the 9th of september,
10:48 am
of this year, we signed, mr. prime minister, what is called a document of mutual recognition between us and israel. between former president arafat and yitzhak rabin and the document was signed and in this documents we gave enough so to show that our intentions are good. our intentions, with respect to recognizing the state of israel, and, you do know, sir, that in camp david, also, commitments were required from us. and when we came back, with president clinton, we carried on with all our commitments because we recollect our commitments, and our agreements.
10:49 am
therefore, we start from here to reach a peace that will the end conflict. that will meet all the demands and start a new era between the israelis and the palestinian people, thank you. and peace be among you. bill: straight clinton, and benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas, talking about peace nooins and joiniin the middle east, and michael hanlon joins me, from the brookings institution. your thoughts on what we have heard and whether or not we are in a different place now than before on the whole process. >> good morning, well, you know, i think most of us are appropriatesly wary of getting too hopeful about the middle east peace process and that is probably good. because frankly a process or and efforts of some type, i think is generally a positive thing.
10:50 am
even if the odds or success are, let's say, i don't know, 20%, as long as we don't see inflated expectations. if you see the region, especially the palestinian community, get too excited about the prospects for progress and then there is a failure, you tend to get a counter reaction. sometimes through violence, out of frustration an anger and that is the number one lie abilityab it is appropriate the tone be sober and patient and not too enthusiastic. but, there is a chance for peace, the violence levels are lower, than they have been in a long time, and we essentially know as my colleague, a former ambassador to israel said what a solution would look like in broad terms. martha: what would it looks like, in broad terms, michael where are they trying to gets here, realistically. >> realistically, it is essentially dividing the two territories, along more or less, the line that has been recognized as the appropriate
10:51 am
position point but with some allowance to redraw those lines to include the larger jewish settlements near where the west bank meets israel, essentially and that probably -- then probably for some kind of east jerusalem capital for the palestinian state though it would not encroach on what israel considers the most important part of existing jerusalem as defined in an historic sense and both sides can claim they are getting part of jerusalem and most refugees, palestinian refugees, would in fact not go home, if they are -- their lands of origin was present day israel, because that would overwhelm the jewish territory of the state and would have to be other means to help them resettle in other places and those are the many contours of what any deal would almost certainly have to include and there's a lot of disagreement that can occur over details, of course but the main issue really is political will. martha: all right, michael o'hanl
10:52 am
o'hanlon, great to be with us, and we'll be following it. bill: for more, now, doug shone, a fox news contributor and, a former deputy assistant president of george bush, thanks as well, why now? where is it coming from? >> well, i think there are two concerns, bill, first, given that we can get the talks, it is really as the president said, probably one of the last chances of the foreseeable future to get these talks started, and, to make progress. hopefully, but, politically, bill, to answer your question, given that the president is in huge political trouble he needs a deal, he needs progress, he needs something to show for this before november 2nd. if he does, it could help him marginally and if it doesn't, well, okay, he tried and the political need is palpable, clear and obvious. bill: you say he needs help on the middle east peace front within the next 60 days to help
10:53 am
him at home domestically? >> bill, with prognostications from larry sabato showing that the congress is gone and the senate could be gone and other commentators agreeing the president needs good news, traditional for u.s. presidents to go abroad to seek support, if in fact their fortunes are flagging at home and i think the president, while he is obviously sincerely committed to peace and i know that and most people do, nonetheless -- bill: let me bring brad in, is that a bits of a beach. >> i think he is actually right. the president is in trouble domestically and is trying to change the tone and did so the other day, addressing battle operations in iraq and is doing it now showing he's an international leader and he's not true to his word and campaign promise and he chastised bush for a go ashtings lone tragedy and said it was up to the strategy to bring the other parties into the talks, where are the construct identify
10:54 am
parties from the west, the italians and the other countries, and this is an agreement, that is weak and you never get and agreements out of weakness and, nothing kiwill co out of this, unless they agree to talk. bill: how many times have american presidents been bamboozled by the middle east peace process and they say obama is being played and he doesn't know it. >> yes, he is being played in a situation where he has little or no control over the outcome. and, he has no backup from other nations, to support the -- supporting the president. look behind him, who else is there, barack obama and hillary clinton and you heard the deep division between israel and the palestinian leader, the palestinian leader who doesn't even have control over his own people and the israelis can make a deal, the palestinians can't, because they are so divided. bill: a long way to go, brad,
10:55 am
thank you and doug thank you as well, good have you on today. 6 minutes before the hour, back to earl we go. martha: five categories for hurricanes and earl is a four, righted n right now and moments from now we'll get a new track from the hurricane center, very important. >> next year we'll invest in the roll-down shutters! >> i have been through two, in key west and you don't take no chances, you don't assume. ring ring. progresso. why does it say box tops for education on your soup? oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. ye it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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bill: there was a horrifying crash caught on tape involving a football player from iowa, watch closely here, see that, bam! that intersection. literally thrown off his moped, het over heels, when a truck hit. he got up, folks! martha: he's a tough guy. bill: the driver of the truck was cited for not
10:59 am
yielding on a left turn. head on. he's a senior for the hawkeyes, he will miss the season opener on saturday while he recovers. martha: share the road, folks, that's the message. share the road. how about this? a shocking car crash caught on tape. caught this -- catch this n. massachusetts, boy did she lose control of her suv, swerved across the road t. went right into a swore, sideways, basically, demolish dollars the wall, the four -- the 42-year-old woman fell asleep at the wheel. northbound was -- nobody was inside the store, closed for the indict. bill: that's a good car, isn't it? where were earl be tonight? march what an -- martha: and


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